Scott Stoczynski Dies In Car Accident, Former NDSU Football Player


In this article, we are discussing the tragic information that a terrible car accident occurred to a former of North Dakota State University who was a well-known football player named Scott Stoczynski. Scott Stoczynski’s car accident took place on 17 July on Sunday.










Who was Scott Stoczynski?


Scott Edward Stoczynski was born in Elk Grove Village, IL, to Mary T. Stoczynski (Runnels) and Edward JStoczynski,on September 8, 1988. Scott Stoczynski studied at Hoffman Estates High School in 2007, Scott continued his education with a BA in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from North Dakota State University. While attending North Dakota State University, Scott was a National Champion with the football team for the 2011 season. Scott Edward Stoczynski became Vice President of First Trust Portfolios. Scott Edward was an EFT expert in the San Antonio and South Texas areas and developed many significant relationships throughout his career. Read more Tesal pi Phone.



Scott Stoczynski


Scott Stoczynski Car Accident Texas Incident Explained 


The car accident occurred in San Antonio Texas on 17 July on Sunday. A lot of doctors tried to save his life but no one can succeed saving his life because of his serious injuries. Scott Stoczynski Obituary and death were widely searched internet by the people hearing the death information.



Scott Stoczynski

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